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The State Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Rivers State Command Michael Ogar has charged all Land and Marine Commanders of the Antivandal Squad to adhere strictly with the rules of engagement and NSCDC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in order to guard against external aggression while discharging their duties.

Commandant Ogar read the riot act to all the Antivandal marine and land patrol team when he condemned the act of proceeding on illegal duties at the detriment of the lives of the operatives; noting that as much as the Corps values the Arms and Ammunition they signed for;  the need for the personnel to stay alive to discharge their duties remains very Paramount to the Command.

” We invited you here from your various beats and locations to address very crucial and critical issues, Intelligence gathered revealed that some uniform personnel are using fiber and flying boats to patrol the waterways even derving into the high sea; this is a highly condemnable act and it is very inimical to your personal safety and security as well as the overall integrity of the Command”

” As directed by the Commandant General Dr Ahmed Abubakar Audi mni OFR, I now order you all to desist henceforth from embarking on any form of illegal Patrol operations across the waterways or on the land. You must not carry out escort duties for Multinational companies using fibre boats; if there is any need for that the Companies are free to contact the command and request officially for Gun Boats or on the other hand they should procure gun boats to ease mobility in the Marine. It is very dangerous to carry out operations without receiving Order from your Superior. When the enemies discovered you are sailing with a fibre boat and scanty in number they would definitely launch attack”.

” The whole Security Agencies in the State already have the directive to paint their Gunboats in their Service colour so that during aerial Surveillance it would be easy to identify the agency in a particular area on the Sea. It therefore becomes a Serious misconduct and punishable offence for any Marine Team to travel through the waterways without the NSCDC marked Gunboats”.

The Command helmsman said the event which led to the death of an officer who went on land patrol and was shot dead is a negative omen and very saddening but all operatives must learn their lesson in order to prevent them from being a prey to the enemy.

” Now that you have been warned, the Command legal Unit will administer to you a commitment and loyalty Form in which every statement therein becomes binding on the Location Commanders, Beat Commanders and all Antivandal Marine and Land operatives thus; any act of violation against the rules of engagement will attract severe Punitive measures as enshrined in the Public Service Rules, NSCDC Code of ethics, Standard Operating Procedures and other relevant laws of the Federation”.

” I therefore urge you to live within your means and stop engaging in illegal patrols; NSCDC is an agency of the federal government noted for effective service delivery, discipline and professionalism. The public expects so much from us because they believe in our ability. We must not rest on our oasis but rather continue to work assiduously in Safeguarding all Critical National Assets and Infrastructures most especially by protecting the Oil Pipelines and effecting the arrests of Oil thieves and suspects dealing illegally in Petroleum products; we will not hesitate to show you the way out if you refused to abide by the Rules of Engagement…Ogar said”.





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