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The Michael Taiwo Scholarship Programme has awarded 56 High Achieving Low Income students, mostly from across Africa, as beneficiaries of its 2023 Graduate School Application scholarship programme.

In a statement by the Press Secretary, Michael Taiwo Scholarship, Nneka Nwogwugwu, said the 2023 application which started from 26th June, 2023 and ended on July 6th, 2023, had 8,830 applicants from 49 countries, with the overwhelming majority of the applicants coming from Nigeria and other African countries.

According to the statement, the scholarship objective is to financially support students with graduate school application to world-class universities including payment of application fees to schools and payment of standardised tests like Graduate Record Exam, GRE, and Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL.

Some beneficiaries of the scholarship programme including Miss Jennifer Hilejime, Mr Innocent Osuya and Miss Imaobong Tom, said their graduate programmes were made a lot more coordinated as the financial burdens were lifted from my shoulders through the scheme.

The founder of the scholarship programme, Dr. Michael Taiwo, who is a US-based chemical engineer, said his motivation for the programme is to see black people do amazing things on the global stage by attending good universities in the United States after completing their undergraduate programmes in their home countries.

Speaking on his future plans for the scholarship programme, Dr. Taiwo, said the goal is to run it in perpetuity, with the hope that it would outlast him.

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