BY Marian Ikisikpo Radio Nigeria,  Port Harcourt

Plans to resume oil exploration activities in Ogoni land have generated reactions from Civil society groups and environmentalists.
According to them, the recent move would provoke another round of crisis due to the environmental disaster being experienced by residents of the community

A community leader and Environmentalist Mr Celestine Akpoobari said the ogonis have suffered unprecedented pains and losses over the years and Government should look for viable solutions for the people

Another Environmentalist Mr.ken Henshaw explained that the bill does not perceive gas flaring as an offense with the Government being fully aware that gas flaring is responsible for respiratory problems, cancer, acid rain and low life expectancy in the Niger Delta.

A legal practitioner Chima Williams stressed that oil companies do not conduct adequate clean-up of polluted sites and advised that recent diversification moves by a particular oil company in the Niger Delta should be thoroughly investigated.

The court of appeal on the 20th of August ruled that the NNPC should take over the oil block from Shell Petroleum company in ogoni. There have been several controversies surrounding the ogoni struggle. It is hoped that an agreement is reached between the Government and the ogoni people to ensure full implementation of the agreement.

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