Commercial Sex Workers Call for Help

On the occasion of another International Day of the Girl Child, some commercial sex worker are appealing to government at all levels to empower them with businesses and jobs that would enable them live a stable and healthy life.

They are also appealing to organisations and well meaning individuals to help them live a decent life and avoid trafficking and irregular migration.

Correspondent Blessing Ituma who was in Benin spotted the girls and interacted with them.

The commercial sex workers were seen along the IhamaRoad, Benin City in Edo State at about 9pm waiting for customers.

Although it was difficult to get them to speak, the few that agreed to speak did that anonymously.

One of them, a 27year old,  said she was compelled into sex trade due to family needs which have been worsened by the rising cost of items in the country.

Another younger lady of twenty three years old who looked down all the time I spoke with her said she needs money to further her education.

The only sex worker who disclosed her name as Nina SAMUEL lamented that many of them went into sex trade out of frustration and lack stating that it was  unsafe as she has encountered ritualists and raped in the job but that quitting was not an option as there was no source of fund for her and her family.

The young lady in her 30s who spoke pathetically, said she acquired a skill but lacked capital to establish a business calling on well meaning individuals, government, organisations and international bodies to come to their help.

One statement common with the three girls was the desire to quit the act if help comes their way ranging from the establishment of salon, clothing business and education.

A Director of a nongovernmental organisation, the committee for the support of dignity of women, Reverend sister Philomena Ugwu in an interview with Radio Nigeria in Benin called on men who pàtronise the girls to help them instead, attributing sex exploitation to poverty.

It is hoped that genuine help comes the way of these young women to help them live a better and healthy life.

It is also hoped that the ministry youths and that of humanitarian affairs whose core value is to promote Human dignity would remember these set of Nigerians.

I am Blessing Ituma reporting for Radio Nigeria

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