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By Raphael Ekwe

Increase in the consumption of Caffeinated Energy drinks is said to be the major cause of insomnia and kidney disease.

Despite warnings by health authorities over the rate and manner at which it is consumed, people have continued to buy them as energy booster.

Medical Experts have criticized the high consumption rate of energy drinks among Nigerians and called for a strict regulation by the relevant authority to curb its negative effects.

Dr Signor Onukwugha with the Military Hospital in Port Harcourt said some of the ingredients used in the production of the Energy drinks are dangerous to health and advised that people should desist from its abuse.

Dr Onukwugha explained that the high level of Caffeine which is found in the energy drinks when mixed with alcohol would weaken the blood vessels and also jeopardize reproductive health.

Meanwhile, some residents of Port Harcourt have called for more Sensitization from government and Health Institutions on the negative effects of constantly consuming energy drinks.

It is expected that people should guide their Health from unlawful consumption of dangerous substances to avoid early death.


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